Tongda Single Needle Quilting Machine

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Basic Info.

Stitch Length
Max.Quilting Thickness
Quilt Size
Max Needle Drop Size
Machine Needle
Transport Package
Wooden Package
HS Code
Production Capacity
50sets/ Month

Product Description

TONGDA Fixing Head Frame-Type Single Head Quilting Computerized Machine

TONGDA Computerized Single Needle Quilting Machine is a new type pf machine designed and developed by TONGDA Textile Machinery Co., Ltd. Fashionable patterns can be quilted into the various types of bedding. Thick bed quilt, sponge and leather products can also be handled. This machine is produced by years of research and experiment of all our technical staff. High-performance, and simple operation, strong characteristics of a new type. Apparel trade, industry, interior decoration, etc. in the sewing industry, user love to use this new type of machine.
Tongda Single Needle Quilting Machine

Main Technical Data:
Popular Models TD-22B TD-24B TD-26B TD-30B TD-35B
Working speed Up to 2200RPM
Stitch length 1-6mm
Max.quilting thickness 40mm
Quilt Size 2.2mx2.4m 2.4mx2.6m 2.6mx2.8m 3.0mx3.2m 3.5mx3.5m
Max. Needle drop size 2.0m x 2.2m 2.2m x 2.4m 2.4m x 2.6m 2.8m x 3.0m 3.3mx3.3m
Machine needle 18-22
Power 220V/50HZ/1.5KW
Weight 700kg 750kg 800kg 1000kg 1300kg
Overall 3.0mx2.9mx1.4m 3.2mx3.0mx1.4m 3.4mx3.4mx1.4m 3.8mx3.8mx1.4m 4.3mx4.5mx1.4m

Detailed Specification:
Tongda Single Needle Quilting Machine

1.Sewing Head gets up automatically after finishing quilting that easy to change the frame.
2.TONGDA Pioneered the 1:1 quilting, with quilting frame fixed, sewing head and saddletree move
3.In X/Y direction, tremendous improved the quilting precision. Maximum quilting size up to 3.2mters.
4.Minimize the required installation area, solved the problem on traditional machine which occupied 2-4 times of moving frame model, increase the utilization rate of floor plan.
5.Taiwan Linear guide rails make sewing head and saddletree move quietly and smoothly. The space between needle and hook is more stable.
6.Installed infrared facility increases safety factor(option).
7.Stable and reliable movable knives cutting system.
8.German made IGUS energy chains, rigid and durable with longer lifetime.
9.Drived separately by Panasonic servo motors, given higher precision quilting work.
10.V21 touch screen(10.4inch) computer control system.
Tongda Single Needle Quilting Machine 
Other Related Models:
Models TD96C TD100C TD118C TD128C
Working Width(mm) 2450 2540 3000 3300
Needle Space 1"
Needle Rows 3
Row Space 3"x2"Or 3"x3"
Carriage Stroke 10"Or 12"
Max Quilting Thickness 50mm
Working Speed 500-800RPM
Overall Dimensions(mm) 5250x5080X2370 5430xx5080X2370 5530xx5080X2370 5630xx5080X2370
Tongda Single Needle Quilting Machine
Models TD-94BC-3 TD-94GC-3
Needle Bar Space 50.8,76.2,127(5")/76.2,76.2,152.4(6")
Max.Quilting Thickness (mm) 80 50
Quilting Width(mm) 2450
Stitch Legnth(mm) 3-8 3-8
Travel Distance in X-axis(mm) 410 430
Quilting Speed(rpm) 200-980 650-930
Output (m/h) 60-230 45-180
Dimension(L*W*H)(mm) 4800x1600x2000 4715x1200x2015
Power 7KW 5KW
Voltage 380V 50Hz   220V 60Hz
Tongda Single Needle Quilting Machine

Packing and Shipping:        
Tongda Single Needle Quilting Machine

(1) Q: How's the after-sale service?
   A: We offer engineers available to service overseas under merchandiser's supervision and translation.

(2) Q: Are you available for on-the-spot invitation? 
   A: We do welcome our new and old friends come here to have a visitation. Besides, we would send you our exposition and relative information to promote a face-to-face meeting if you'd like to.
(3) Q: Is the price offered changeable?
   A: We offer reasonable price for every client, and the price is changeable according to purchasing amount.
(4) Q: How about the quality?
   A:The main subassembly and raw materials are all supplied by large companies. Key parts are research and developed by our own staff. Professional assembly line work and strict quality test system can ensure your high quality requirement.
(5) Q: Are you a manufacturer or Trade Company?

A: We are a professional manufacturer holding our own International Trade Department, for that we can better understand customer's needs and offer a reasonable price.

Why Choose Our Company?
Tongda Single Needle Quilting Machine
A: History: TONGDA Textile Machinery Group was establish in 1952. Now have more than 65 years old history.
Tongda Single Needle Quilting Machine
B: Main Products: TONGDA Group specializes in design, manufacturing, and marketing of a wide range of Textile machinery, it has seven branch companies, mainly produces ring spinning frame, roving frame, weaving machine (water Jet loom/Air jet loom/rapier Loom),warping machine, quilting machine and nonwoven machine.
C: We provide design for complete line of spinning mill for cotton yarn, polyester yarn, wool yarn, flax/linen yarn, machines including blow room, carding machine, draw frame, roving frame, ring frame, winding machine, open end spinning machine and the air conditioning system and waste collection system for spinning mill.
We also provide workshop layout design and trench design, and air pipe layout design. 
D: Product /Quality Guarantee: 1 year warranty for the International standard.
E: After Sale Service: We are work online 24 hours. If you have any questions about our machine you can contact us.
F: One-stop Service:
We have R&D department including more than 100 engineers which are improving and enlarging our supply range.

Export Memorabilia:
TONGDA 1988: TONGDA's 500 sets ring spinning machines was exported to Bangladesh.
TONGDA 1993: TONGDA's 385 sets spinning machines was exported to Pakistan.
TONGDA 1995: TONGDA's 229 sets spinning machines was exported to Bangladesh.
TONGDA 2002: Delivery 300 sets spinning machines to India.
TONGDA 2009: TONGDA's 100 sets water jet loom and air jet loom was exported to India.
TONGDA 2010: TONGDA once again exported 300 sets water jet loom and air jet loom to India.
TONGDA 2011: TONGDA exported needle punching nonwoven machine production line to south America and exported more than 500 sets water jet loom, air jet loom, rapier loom to overseas.
TONGDA 2012: TONGDA exported 200 sets spinning machine and 100 sets rapier loom to Tajikistan and once again exported 200 sets ring spinning machines to India.
TONGDA 2013: TONGDA exported 500 sets weaving machines to overseas and 50 sets nonwoven machines, 680 sets spinning machines to overseas including South Asia and Africa.
TONGDA 2015: TONGDA sold more than 1000 sets weaving machines, 100 sets nonwoven machines and 700 sets spinning machines to overseas including Europe, South America, and South-East Asia.

TONGDA is an ISO9001, ISO14001, and ISO13485 company. The products are designed to meet the technical standards of 3C and CE. All the products are certified by the Industry Administration Authority. TONGDA will continue to strive to be a stronger leader in the global market of Cotton machinery and Spinning machinery.
Tongda Single Needle Quilting Machine

Tongda Single Needle Quilting Machine

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Tongda Single Needle Quilting Machine


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