(Steel-aluminum) on-Line Seam Welding Device

Introducing our Steel-aluminum on-Line Seam Welding Device for seamless production. We are a reputable factory specialized in welding solutions.
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Basic Info.

Model NO.
12 Months
The Device Will Be Used for The Joint of The Metal
The Electric Current and The Joint Time Will Be Se
Welding Device Volume
Steel Tape Thickness*Width: Max
0.08~0.65mm * 200mm
Aluminum Tape Thickness*Width: Max
0.08~0.25mm * 200mm
Current Regulation Shift
Welding Time
0.1~9.99s, Manual Operation The Electronic Digital
Transport Package
Plastic Film+Wooden Package
HS Code

Packaging & Delivery

Package Size
154.00cm * 260.00cm * 258.00cm
Package Gross Weight

Product Description

steel-aluminum online seam welding device

 A steel-aluminum online seam welding device is a type of machinery used in the manufacturing process of steel-aluminum composite materials. Steel-aluminum composites consist of layers of steel and aluminum that are bonded together to create a material with unique properties, such as high strength, corrosion resistance, and thermal conductivity.

The online seam welding device is used to join the steel and aluminum layers together by welding a continuous seam along the length of the composite material. The device typically consists of several components, including a feeding system, a welding head, and a cooling system.

The feeding system feeds the steel and aluminum layers into the welding head, which applies heat and pressure to bond the layers together. The welding head typically uses a combination of heat and pressure to create a strong bond between the steel and aluminum layers. The cooling system then cools the composite material down to a suitable temperature, allowing it to be further processed or used for its intended application.

The online seam welding device requires precise control over several parameters, including temperature, pressure, and welding speed. The welding head typically has a high-precision temperature control system to maintain the desired temperature of the composite material, while the feeding system and cooling system are designed to ensure consistent feed rates and cooling rates.

Steel-aluminum online seam welding devices are available in a range of sizes and capacities, depending on the specific application and production requirements. They are commonly used in the automotive, aerospace, and construction industries to manufacture a wide range of products, including automotive body panels, aircraft components, and building facades.

Overall, a steel-aluminum online seam welding device is an essential component of the manufacturing process for steel-aluminum composites. It enables the production of composite materials with unique properties, allowing for the creation of innovative products with superior performance characteristics.

On-line seam welding device (Steel & Aluminum tape)
1. Application: The device will be used for the joint of the metal tape in the line.
2. Feature: The electric current and the joint time will be set perfectly
3. Welding device volume:15KW
4. Steel tape thickness*width: Max. 0.08 ~0.65mm * 200mm
Aluminum tape thickness*width: Max. 0.08 ~0.25mm * 200mm
5. Current regulation shift: 8
6. Welding time :0.1 ~9.99S, manual operation the Electronic digital display table

(Steel-aluminum) on-Line Seam Welding Device
(Steel-aluminum) on-Line Seam Welding Device
(Steel-aluminum) on-Line Seam Welding Device
(Steel-aluminum) on-Line Seam Welding Device


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